Bridal Shows- Top 4 Questions to Ask& Tips

“To go, or not to go; That is the question ?

 Here at Truemateweddings we HIGHLY recommend you attend at least one bridal show.  This is a great opportunity to speak with various vendors face to face. This allows you to meet all the potential vendors that could help make your wedding day a relaxing and memorable experience for you! It also gives you a chance to get tips, and get answers to questions you might not have gotten otherwise.

Thanks to the bridal shows hosted all over the GTA, it makes attending and securing a top vendor easier than ever! 

Truemateweddings will be at attending a few bridal shows this year. Last weekend we participated in the Niagara Wedding Show, which was awesome and this weekend we will be participating in the Hamilton Show. Also, we will be apart if the first ever Peel Bridal Show! This is a good chance for you to meet us and gain some insight as to whether we would be the best fit for your wedding!

 When approaching a vendor it may be intimidating at first so we here at Truemateweddings have the top 4 questions you should be asking each vendor. 

1.) How long have you been in business ?

2.) How many clients do you take on per day?

3.) Will you be the one I deal with on the day of my wedding?

4.) What’s your price list? 

These are the top 4 questions we believe will help you get a good understanding if you want to proceed with a vendor.  If it’s a photographer, DJ or photographer you also want to ask if they own their own equipment!

Bridal shows can be both overwhelming and fun! It’s a great opportunity to bring all the ladies together, or do something fun with just your mother and maid of honour! There will also be many opportunities to win great prizes , take photos and grab some goody bags !

Tips to be more prepared:

1.) Bring people who you know help to keep you grounded, and genuinely want to help you with your wedding plans.

2.) Carry sticky labels with your names, email, phone number and wedding date. It is optional to add your mailing address.

3.) Prepare questions that you’d like to ask each vendor in order to maximize the value received from the show.

4.) Come in the mood for snacking so you can enjoy all the tasty treats and samples!

Bridal shows are fun and helpful especially if you come prepared! So go on and attend, you have nothing to lose!

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