Backyard Weddings: Tips & Tricks!

Backyard weddings are great for a number of reasons: You get to personalize almost anything and everything and it can be as intimate as you’d like. Imagine, saying your vows in a meaningful place where you’ve shared many memories with family and friends.

Your backyard would be a blank canvas which would allow you to dream up anything and everything you’d want to use for decor. You will have to take a few things into consideration, such as: getting a tent, what to do about bathrooms, getting a generator for heat, etc. If you’re having a huge wedding, it can end up costing as much or more than a wedding at a banquet hall, so be mindful of your budget.

If you have decided to do a backyard wedding, then here are some tips to ensure a smooth planning process and wedding day!

1. Rent a Tent

As the weather can play a huge factor, we highly suggest renting a tent for the wedding. You can never be too certain of whether or not it’s going to rain, so having a tent helps ensure the weather doesn’t ruin your day. Tented Weddings are great because you can add whatever you’d like to enhance the space. You could hang string lights along the sides of the tent or have garlands with flowers cascading down from the top. You could even do both lights and garlands. Things to consider with a tented wedding are spacing and the time of day. You want to ensure you have enough room for all the tables, plus a dance floor and you may want to do an earlier wedding so that there’s enough lighting. Unless you’re going crazy with lighting (which can end up being costly), then it’s more than likely going to be too dark if you plan on having a 7pm dinner and would like photos taken of the dancing and festivities to follow.

2. Rent a Dance-floor

Does walking around in high heels getting stuck in the grass ring any bells ladies? Let’s avoid the phrase “Ugh I got my heel stuck!” by renting a dance-floor! A flat and smooth surface is essential for everything to be level as well as making sure the cake table isn’t tilted.

3. Tables & Chairs rentals

Like everything else, you have total freedom in choosing the types of tables and chairs that you would like. Typically, the catering company will provide tables and chairs but if not, there are a lot of reputable companies out there that do rentals. Just ensure that someone is responsible for set up and tear down of the tables and chairs, as you don’t want that falling on your shoulders. Also, for spacing (if you have a smaller backyard to work with), we recommend using the rectangle tables versus the circular, and setting up family style seating can also be a huge space saver. Other rentals to keep in mind would be; heaters if you’re doing a fall wedding, or fans if you’re doing a summer wedding. If you’re using heaters then consider getting a generator to make sure you have enough power for all those lights and heaters!

4. Personalize

Your theme and decor tells a story for your guests and showcases who you are as a couple on your wedding day. Maybe hang tons of fairly lights all over the tress to create a magical ambiance. Have a special table to showcase your favourite photos of you & your fiance, and your parents wedding photos. Decorate anything and everything!

5. Catering

Your backyard unfortunately does not come with an on-site caterer (well unless it does), so you’ll have to do some work here in finding the perfect vendor. Think about your budget and overall theme. Perhaps doing a buffet style dinner would save you some money, but doesn’t quite work with your theme? Then opt for no Hor D’Oeuvres and go with just a 4 course dinner and skip the filet mignon. Another option is to do interactive cooking stations which can definitely be classy and add some fun to dinner. There are so many different food truck options to choose from as well, and you could choose one that matches your theme. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure you ask your caterer all the questions needed so there are no surprises.

We hope any couples planning a beautiful backyard wedding take ideas from some of our tips & tricks!

Happy Planning

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