10 Popular Wedding Theme Ideas

When choosing a wedding theme, there are tons of different ideas to choose from. You can go basic or traditional, or unique and tie in two different themes to create an entirely new theme that is special to you. At True Mate Weddings, we believe it’s important to tell your unique love story by utilizing different elements and wedding ideas to bring your particular vision to life. Adding your own touch, makes every wedding is unique in its own way, and it’s those small things that your guests will remember forever.

Once you’ve made a decision on your theme, things become a lot clearer in terms of your vision and how to bring it all together. Your wedding theme should be recognizable by your guests, and be cohesive. You can pull inspiration from anywhere, including; eras, movies, fashion, your favourite season or trends. We have put together a list of some of the most popular wedding theme ideas to give you some inspiration, and help you to visualize your big day!

  1. Vintage



2. Glam

3. Bohemian

4. Tropical

5. Romantic

6. Garden Inspired

7. Modern

8. Black & White



All of these themes inspire a different feeling and selecting the right theme, truly allows a couple to tell their story. From the invitation down to the favours, every detail goes into bringing that overall vision to life.

How do you know which colours, what kind of flowers, and what kind of decor to choose? Let us help you create something that is special to you as a couple!

10. Whimsical